At The Pig Baron, we know that quality can only be maintained when every aspect of production is meticulously examined and managed with care. With this in mind, we source our whole pigs only from sustainably managed farms, where transparency is embedded within the philosophical approach. The pigs are raised in specific climatic and environmental conditions, meeting the requirements for free-range production. Only 5% of Aussie farms are currently free-range.

The pigs we source are bred to have a little more fat than typical, by generally breeding heritage-bred sows with musclier, leaner boars. This leads to meat that stays moist and full of flavour when cooked. The pigs are born, raised and live their entire lives outdoors in a free-range environment, enabling them to express the full range of instinctive behaviours by providing rooting areas, wallows, and kennels/huts for shelter.

Our pigs are also fed a natural diet – without antibiotics or hormones – eating pastures, grains & vegetables, and even being allowed a little indulgence when they dig up organic potatoes and grubs.  Grown organically without added hormones, the pigs grow at a natural pace allowing the meat to achieve a full, rich flavour.  

The farm we source our pigs from are certified free-range, growing BFA certified vegetables. Manure from the pigs is used as an organic fertiliser, improving the crops and pasture without degrading the soil. The entire cycle from healthy soil to healthy plants, to healthy pigs to healthy humans is kept natural, contributing to a clean environment and healthier planet.


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  1. The food was incredible and the experience was fantastic.

    - Dian Paruit

  2. Thank you for your amazing feast and true professionalism on Saturday night. The food was absolutely delicious, faultless and abundant.

    - Kathy Harcus

  3. The food was fantastic – we received lots of great comments from guests. I hope we get to work together again In the meantime I will have to look out for your market stalls.

    - Louise Alves

  4. Thank you all so much for really making a GREAT night for us. Everyone LOVED the pork! See you at our next shindig.

    - Jas & Nick

  5. The pig was cooked to perfection, the salads beautifully presented; particular mention to the apple & cucumber salad, relishes and the wonderful fig accompanying the cheese platter (would love the recipe!) They have had the pleasure of enjoying the leftovers […]

    - Railea & Theo

  6. I have never tasted arancini balls quite like you made them! Absolutely delicious and I desperately need more of them! Can you please send us your recipe? Urgently? Everyone is still saying what a smash hit all of your food […]

    - Rick & Amanda

  7. The rolls were sensational and everyone raved about your food. Thank you for making my 40th a memorable and enjoyable event.

    - Marie Leahy

  8. Everyone was happy with the food and had a great time. They all raved about the crackling!

    - Jasmine Clements

  9. The pork was absolutely incredible. There were a lot of happy & well fed party goers! Thanks for making it all so easy too. We will be recommending you to all our friends and clients.

    - Sue Cooper

  10. My whole experience from start to finish was exceptional. The food was absolutely delicious, and plentiful! I received so many positive comments from guests on how beautiful the food was, and how brilliant you were at creating this buffet extravaganza […]

    - Julie